Information for Authors
One of the most crucial factors regulating the outcome of successful manuscript submission is the target journal to which you submit your manuscript. Publishing with us starts with the choice of the right journal for your article. Kindly view the various journals on our homepage to find out the best suitable journal for the publication of your article. Futhermore, taking into consideration our instruction for authors as well as the submission guidelines on the chosen journals home page will go a long way in assisting authors during submission.

Reasons to Publish

Rapid publication, quick response to author's, peer review and production make the process of publishing your article simple and efficient.

Quality of review process

All journals published by scienceweb publishing have a high standard of peer review.The journals boast of experienced Editorial Board members who help with policy and decision-making, and in some cases help with choosing referees and reviewing manuscripts.

High visibility and readership

Our open access model ensures high visibility and maximum exposure of your work to anyone in your field.